Modeling and inversion


This course deals with direct and inverse problems in applied geophysics. It comprises two parts, the first in direct modeling given by Bernard Giroux and the second in inversion given by Erwan Gloaguen.


Modeling This part of the course aims to develop skills in numerical modeling of geophysical responses. In the end, the student will know the fundamentals of the main modeling methods in gravimetry, magnetism, georadar, seismic, and (weather permitting) electromagnetism. He will master the main parameters that influence the speed, accuracy and robustness of calculations. The student will also be able to program simple codes in Matlab.

Inversion The purpose of this part of the course is to develop numerical optimization skills (inversion) of the geophysical responses seen in the first part. At the end of this part, the student will know the theory and practice of linear, non-linear deterministic inversion as well as stochastic inversion. The student will be able to develop his own inversion codes.

Course Map

The lesson plan for the 2015 winter session is available.

Course Nodes

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