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When should You Use Spiral Binding?

Primarily, there are three kinds of binding, spiral binding, perfect binding, and staple binding. These are the three best choices and each one of them has its own advantages. Staple binding is known to be one of the well-known methods but more and more people are opting for spiral bound type. Spiral bound books have properties which make it the right choice for a wide range of users.

Take a look at the three occasions when you can consider spiral bound to be better than the other two forms of bound documents.

spiral binding

While Printing Reference Books

Wiro binding is the other name for spiral binding.  In this case, the leaves of the document are stacked, squared off, and a hole punched along the rear edge. Thereafter, the black metal wire through the holes binds the leaves together. Spiral bound books have one of the unique advantages over the other methods. In this the pages lie completely flat without even the need to keep it open. Thus, it can be taken to be the perfect reference books, manuals, and recipe books. This way the readers will be able to use both the hands for the task without using their hand to keep it open. The pages of the spiral bind books are also known to fold completely back around so that the document will lie flat when it is folded back on itself.

While You Need 360 Printed Pages

With the help of staple binding, you will be able to have maximum of 64 pages. However, with the spiral binding, it can go up to 180 leaves. Of course, the pages are going to printed on both the sides. Irrespective of whether you need to see page 300 or 30, the spiral bind book will open very neatly and will stay open pretty easily.

When You Have to Go Large

The spiral bound book can be one of the five sizes when it comes to landscape, portrait, and square formats. You will be able to go up to a whooping A3 size. No other binding process is going to give you an A3 size and this makes spiral binding, the right choice for any kind of document where you have to include extra-large diagrams and documents. A majority of the design and art portfolios are printed in A3 bound books.

spiral-binding process

However, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right binding method for your books.  Before you finalize the printing company, you have to get to know the material that they are using for binding. In case you are not sure which direction to opt for, you should talk to your colleagues and friends. Make sure you consider the end user before using spiral binding. Get instant quotes, upload the artwork, and order for the binding. You can place your order over the internet if necessary. The cost of binding is going to depend on the number of pages that you will be binding. Keep in mind that the aesthetics of binding is going to depend on the price directly. Read more articles on office supplies industry here!

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Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

If you are a student who needs to write a dissertation or a research paper, you would need to take the help of academic proofreaders and editors. Professional proofreaders and editors can help writers and students to achieve great results. With proper editing, there can be a great difference between writing getting accepted or rejected.

editing and proofreading service

Taking the help of professional editing and proofreading service can easily help undergraduate and postgraduate students to obtain good grades for their work. Moreover, it would help students to remain assured of the fact that their writing would be of high quality and free from errors.

editing and proofreading service


Editing and Proofreading Academic Work

When the task of editing and proofreading a journal or an article or a thesis or a term paper comes, the success of it totally remains on how beautifully it is arranged. In case, the document is full of irrelevant facts and full of errors, a student won’t be able to succeed in their academic career. It’s because their grades would fall.


Generally, when students need to submit their work within deadline, most students fail to edit their work properly. Missing out the mistakes can cost a lot. For this reason, opting for editing and proofreading service becomes necessary. In fact, this kind of services can be very helpful.

editing and proofreading service


Don’t Let the Hard Work Wasted

Any student won’t want their hard work to go to waste. However, it can happen if their writing is filled with incorrect citations, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and more. After all, writing full of mistakes and errors would make it difficult and frustrating for the reader to read. Moreover, the writing won’t remain of high-quality nor meaningful. This is the reason why students prefer to take the help of editing and proofreading professionals.

editing and proofreading service

Why Seek Help of Professionals?

When one seeks the help of editing and proofreading service, one can easily take the help of online tools. However, the services provided by the online tools are not always full proof. This is why taking the help of a professional editor and proofreader is important. The professionals can try to correct the grammatical and spelling errors. They can change the punctuation mistakes so that the writing becomes an excellent one.

editing and proofreading service

An adept editor and proofreader can ensure the academic writing is of high quality and there are no loose ends, i.e. poor grammar. Moreover, proofreading service providers will ensure that the thoughts are properly conveyed through the writing.

The reason to hire a professional editing and proofreading service is that they are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Having vast years of experience they can easily identify the mistakes. In fact, they can even provide alternative suggestions for improving the quality of writing.

Professional editors can also edit the writing style in order to create a perfect document. Experienced professional can provide suggestion so that the quality of the writing improves.

One exciting thing about editing and proofreading service provider is to make the academic writing a perfect one. Once the issues are fully addressed the whole writing can be drastically improved.