Erwan Gloaguen.

Professor of geophysics sand geostatistics at INRS-ETE

J’ai appris que la première fois qu’un nouveau né serre de sa petite main le doigt de son père, il le garde attaché pour la vie
Gabriel Garcia-Marquez

Welcome to my personal webpage!

First, let me introduce you my family:

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(left to right, Liam, Gaëlle, Mylène)

My academic life:

I am breton and I live in Quebec since 1993. I got my bachelor in geology at university of Montreal and I made my master thesis in applied geophysics and geostatistics at École Polytechnique de Montréal. During that period, I studied spontaneous potential and geostatistical analysis of GPR data for hydrogeological applications. I did my PhD in stochastic tomography in the same lab. During my PhD I developped a freeware bh_tomo  (Gloaguen et al., 2004, Giroux et al., 2007) with my good friend Bernard Giroux. In 2007, we established the “hydrogeophysical association of Quebec” Association d’Hydrogéophysique du Québec that aims at improving the links between academia and the end users, i.e. governmental agencies and consulting companies. In 2004, I moved to united states to work on modeling and inversion of green  house gases at AOS and GFDL in Princeton. In 2005, I came back to Montreal (in a grey bus) to join the geostatistical groupe at McGill. I developped a multi-scale conditional simulation algorithm based on wavelet décomposition of training images. I also developped the theory of geostatistical simulation based on spatial cumulants.   In 2007, I’ve been hired  as professor in geophysics and geostatistics at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique au centre Eau, Terre et Environnement. Since then, I work closely with many collaborators:

Name Institution Project
René Lefevbre INRS-ETE Hydrogeological assesment
Michel Malo INRS-ETE CO2 sequestration
Bernard Giroux INRS-ETE Géophysique at large!!
Denis Marcotte  ÉPM Geostatistics
Stéphane Rondenay MIT Crosswell stochastic tomography
Richard Martel INRS-ETE Hydrogeophysics
Olivier Tavchandjan Vale Inco Geostatistical Cu, Ni, Co deposit modeling
André Leite Vale Inco Geostatistical Cu, Ni, Co deposit modeling
Klaus Holliger UNIL Hydrogeophysics
Yvan Petit ÉTS Multi-scale knee modeling
Gilles Bellefleur CGC Gas hydrate modeling
Philippe Doyen CGG Veritas Stochastic seismic inverion
Mickaële Le Ravalec IFP Multiple scale simulations


My eclectic concerns:

If you never watched the clip of will i am on Obama’s speech.  “There is nothing false about hope” Barack Obama .

  Because our future depends on the education of our youth.   The purpose of Pugwash is to bring together, from around the world, influential scholars and public figures concerned with reducing the danger of armed conflict and seeking cooperative solutions for global problems.     Go Habs Go!:My favorite hockey team, Montreal Canadiens. phdcomics: a cartoon on the life of graduate student.

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