Linda Armelle Nzumotcha.

PhD student

I am Linda Armelle, PhD student in Geophysics at “Institut National de Recherche Scientifique”. I work on imaging deep saline aquifers using electromagnetic methods. The study is integrated within the carbon dioxide
geological storage project. My interest is to quantify the resolution limits of the magneto-telluric method for delineating aquifers.


2004-2007: Bachelor in geology and applied geophysics at “école Mohammedia des Ingénieurs” (Rabat Morocco).
2008-2010: MscA geophysics at “Polytechnique de Montréal”.



(1)  –  Nzumotcha T.L.A, Chouteau M., Giroux B., Rivard P., Saleh K., Côté A., (2010).
A Case Study of Self-Potential Detection of Seepage at the Junction of Two Embankment Dams.
In Proceedings of the 23rd SAGEEP Symposium, 23, 118-125.

– Presented on July 2010, Québec Canada during Water conference 2010
(Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Resources in an Uncertain environment)
– Presented on May 2011, Istanbul Turkey during NDTMS 2011 conference
(International Symposium on Non-destructive Testing of Materials and Structures)



Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
Eau-Terre & Environnement (INRS-ETE)
490 de la Couronne
Québec, Québec
G1K 9A9

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