Martin Blouin.

Phd student

I graduated from Université Laval in Physical Engineering in 2007 and later obtained a Master degree in Earth Science from INRS-ETE. Since September 2010, I am a Ph.D student in Geophysics with the professor E. Gloaguen.

My Master project was focused on hydrogeological characterization through geostatistical simulations. The aim was to produce multiple equiprobable groundwater flow and mass transport scenarios to assess for uncertainty caused by sediments distribution heterogeneity and their properties.

My thesis project include seismic processing of anisotropic data and the 3D integration of multiple geophysical and traditional informations to generate a realistic 3D regional facies model filled with hydrogeological properties.


Martin Blouin
Ph.D student
Earth Sciences
490, rue de la Couronne Québec (Québec)
G1K 9A9
418 654-2524 #4430
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