A Matlab borehole georadar 2D tomography package

bh_tomo is an open source borehole georadar data processing and ray-based 2D tomography software package developed at INRS and at the École Polytechnique of Montréal. bh_tomo runs under Matlab version 7.0 and above and is therefore portable between computer operating systems supported by Matlab. To perform the tomographic inversions, bh_tomo includes an implementation of the classical LSQR algorithm, as well as an implementation of the recent geostatistical inversion scheme developed at the École Polytechnique of Montréal. One important motivation behind the development of bh_tomo was to ease the data processing sequence necessary to perform tomographic inversion of georadar amplitude data, especially when measured between many adjacent boreholes. The software package relies on a mini database and comprises interactive modules to manage, process and interpret the data.

For more information, see:

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  • This paper is one of the top-50 most cited articles published in Computers and Geosciences for the period  2006 – February 2011. 
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Download Have a look at the PDF manual (manual_bh_tomo.pdf).

Here’s a sample of a database to play with (this DB is not compatible with the beta version available below).

News & updates

  • January 13 2010: I found a bug in the new raytracing routines that caused inaccurate values for some elements of matrix L. I updated the zip file. Again, unless you work on an intel Mac, you will have to compile the mex files. See the README file for instructions.
  • May 15 2008: A beta version including improved curved rays tracing routines is available. Important: unless you run bh_tomo on a mac, you will have to compile 3 mex files. See the README file for instructions.
  • Apr. 24 2008: I found a bug in L_rais_courbes2D.m that yielded incorrect values for some terms of matrix L. (note: the updated routine is not in the main zip file yet, please download it separately)
  • Feb. 7 2007: bh_tomo can now import data in PulseEKKO format.
  • Oct. 19 2006: a bug in the FFT-MA routines yielded wrong results for anisotropic covariance models with a rotation angle not equal to zero. This is corrected in the current version.
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