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The plan for Fall 2013 is available here .

Course notes

The PDFs of the notes will be available below. Some of these documents contain animations in Quicktime format. In Windows, you must install this software on your computer to view them. In OS X, the Preview software does not handle animations; you must use Acrobat Reader to view them.

  • Introduction
  • Propagation of seismic waves
  • Elements of signal processing
  • Acquisition of seismic reflection data
  • deconvolution
  • Static corrections
  • Dynamic corrections & speed analysis
  • Migration
  • AVO
  • Anisotropy
  • Vertical seismic profiling
  • Tomography  between holes
  • Interpretation in seismic reflection


  • Here you will find a short guide to help you summarize the articles.
  • SEG-Y format

Some links of general and varied interests in seismic

  • Jon Claerbout
  • CREWES Consortium
  • Madagascar Project
  • Seismic Un * x